Not many businesses realize that how your cable is structured does in fact make a difference. If your data voice cabling isn’t installed correctly it can halt your business’ performance, lead to lengthy maintenance repairs, and contain lots of hidden costs. Hiring an experienced company for your cabling solutions can make a world of difference. The following is the top 5 most common data voice cabling mistakes that you may run into with an inferior company:

  1. Ignoring the future- There will come a time when you will need to move things around in your office or purchase new equipment. Your cabling infrastructure should be designed with the future in mind.
  2. Not utilizing cable management- cable management will help keep your network cabling in order and easy to get to. This is also a great space saver.
  3. Ignoring cabling standards- Standards are in place for a very good reason. It is not uncommon for people to attach the cables at random so that they match the scheme at the other end. This can cause a noisier, more inefficient result.
  4. Not following local codes or ordinances- Many people attempt to cut corners in order to get the job done more quickly, but these codes are in place for your safety, and you could be risking costly fines by not following them.
  5. Running your data cable too close to noisy devices- The electrical and/or magnetic interface of some devices can actually damage your network cabling infrastructure.

By choosing the best company for your structure cabling network, you can save yourself a huge headache, as well as lots of time and money, and avoid these all too common mistakes.