What is the technology of fiber optics and how did it come about? Fiber optics is described by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “thin transparent fibers of glass or plastic that are enclosed by material of a lower refractive index and that transmit light throughout their length by internal reflections”. ¬†Use of light and glass to transmit data and to communicate has been implemented since the 1790’s when the Chappe brothers of France invented the first “optical telegraph”. Their invention allowed messages to be sent between towers by a series of lights. During the 1800’s the technology continued to see improvement with inventions by Alexander Graham Bell and William Wheeler that used fiber optics for residential lighting and new forms of communication. Medical applications involving light came in 1888 when Dr. Roth and Professor Reuss of Vienna used bent glass rods to illuminate body cavities. The very primitive beginnings of a television set were seen in 1895 when Henry Saint-Rene guided light images through a system of bent glass rods.

The use of light and glass continued to see advancements throughout the 20th century culminating in the first non-experimental installation of a fiber-optic link in 1975 in Dorset. The first telephone traffic then occurred in Long Beach, CA just two years later. Since then a variety of industries enjoy the use of the technology’s many applications. As Denver’s trusted network cabling professionals, Precision FiberOptics¬†helps businesses, in various industries, enjoy the communication benefits found in fiber-optic technology. Always striving to stay on top of an ever-evolving technology is our goal, which allows us to be the most knowledgeable ethernet cabling installation experts in the Denver area.