There aren’t many areas in this modern world of ours where the technology of fiber optics has not had a glaringly obvious effect. Fiber optic cabling has helped a variety of industries operate at both the local and global scales, enabling clear, quick and effective communication between businesses and individuals alike. Though people are most likely to connect fiber optics with the internet and its explosive growth, the applications of the technology actually touch every part of our everyday lives. The industries benefiting from the use of fiber optics include:

  • The Military – For the military, effective and clear communication is literally a matter of life and death. After extensive testing, various branches of the US military determined that structured cabling offers better performance, more bandwidth and higher security.
  • Transportation – Whether delivering goods and products or masses of people, fiber optics has helped improve transportation services across the globe. From high speed trains to the wiring in your hometown traffic signals in Denver, structured cabling of fiber optics has increased automation capabilities, making it a preferred option to copper wiring.
  • Medical – For anyone who has endured the discomfort of a catheter, it may be appreciated to know that fiber optics technology is making certain medical procedures, like catheter insertion and use of hypodermic needles, less painful and invasive. Diagnostic imaging has also greatly improved since the use of fiber optics has been implemented.