Networking cabling Denver offers a large selection of cabling to fit every type of business need. Cat5e, Cat6, Ethernet, coaxial, optic cable are some of the simpler options we deal. If you aren’t in the cabling business like we are, then you might know slightly about one or two the above listed. Never fear if you don’t, we are here to educate so you can make the most intelligent decision for your business. We also meet with you and discuss, in more inclusive terms, all the options that come with these options. Confused? That is okay, but we learned and these added options are nothing more than a set of guidelines to give you the best service.
Of the terms listed above, there are two categories of cables. They can be all used interchangeably, but some are better suited than others for different tasks. Ethernet usually refers to the cables that set up inter or intranet within your business. It networks all your computers together. Many times the cables used for this are Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic cable. Cat6e exists but there is no speed benefit from Cat6 to Cat6e. The e stands for enhanced. Coaxial can also be used but these others are better suited within a business. Outside to bring internet to a business, coaxial and fiber optics cables are used. Both get less interference and coaxial is especially good at transferring data over longer distances. Coaxial is commonly used for cable television.
Hopefully now you are educated in what some common cable terms mean. As always, if you ever have any other questions feel free to contact us!