1. June 2018

    Precision Data Cabling completed a CAT-6 data cabling conversion of 811 engineering work stations.…Read More

  2. Structured Cabling Vs Unstructured Cabling

    By definition, structured cabling is the use of a number of standardized cabling elements in an orderly infrastructure for data and voice communications. The opposite of structured cabling is, of course, unstructured cabling — two words that can strike fear into the heart of even the most stoic of IT professionals. You know if you've ever worked in network cabling in Denver, you've probably st…Read More

  3. Great Network Cabling For Your Business & Worker Productivity

    Okay, first thing's first: What is network cabling, you ask? It's a system in which information is transferred from one device to another within a specific environment - like your business! As virtually all businesses rely on computers and data today, we are helping businesses in Denver with network cabling so that they can manage their operations more efficiently. What are some more benefits of n…Read More

  4. Network Cabling Infrastructure: Don’t Believe These Fiber Optic Myths

    Here at Precision FiberOptics, we help your business by installing network cabling infrastructure in Denver. One of our specialties is fiber optic cable design, termination, and testing. We help with complete installation of intra building backbone and riser fiber optics. While there are many operational benefits to fiber optic cabling today, misconceptions still run rampant about fiber optic inst…Read More

  5. Speed Up Your Internet by Changing from Wifi to Wired

    Is your internet so slow that at times you want to throw your computer out the window? There may be many cures to eek out all the speed you can get from your provider. The first we at Ethernet cable instillation Denver suggest is wired Ethernet network with Cat5e cable. Cat5e is a common cable used in a business network setting. The e stands for enhanced. It allows download speeds of up to 350 meg…Read More

  6. What is a Coaxial Cable?

    What is making your television run? We at Precision Fiber Optics, know that structured cabling in Denver is a lot more than just cables, but we are here today to explain a little bit about one cable, the coaxial cable. You have probably even seen this cable snake around from the dish to your television box or appearing from the wall of your house and connecting to a black box called a modem. Coaxi…Read More

  7. Which Network is Right for You?

    It is easy to feel bogged down by all of the cable options that are on the market for your electronics. Ethernet is a fancy word for all the lines in home or offices that connect computer networks. If you look on the back of your desktop computer or on the side of your laptop, you notice a large square port with a slight thin addition. This is your Ethernet port and if your wireless internet conne…Read More

  8. Basic Cable Terms Debunked

    Networking cabling Denver offers a large selection of cabling to fit every type of business need. Cat5e, Cat6, Ethernet, coaxial, optic cable are some of the simpler options we deal. If you aren’t in the cabling business like we are, then you might know slightly about one or two the above listed. Never fear if you don’t, we are here to educate so you can make the most intelligent decision for …Read More

  9. From the Provider to Your Business

    Have you ever wondered how the internet or TV works? How your favorite TV show goes from the actors to film to available to watch online or on your cable, or how your business colleagues can see you or your work in real time 1000 miles away? It takes a lot of different pieces to bring the webpage to your mobile phone. Filming captures the acting and pushes the picture into a digital form. An excel…Read More