1. Structured Cabling Vs Unstructured Cabling

    By definition, structured cabling is the use of a number of standardized cabling elements in an orderly infrastructure for data and voice communications. The opposite of structured cabling is, of course, unstructured cabling — two words that can strike fear into the heart of even the most stoic of IT professionals. You know if you've ever worked in network cabling in Denver, you've probably st…Read More

  2. What is a Coaxial Cable?

    What is making your television run? We at Precision Fiber Optics, know that structured cabling in Denver is a lot more than just cables, but we are here today to explain a little bit about one cable, the coaxial cable. You have probably even seen this cable snake around from the dish to your television box or appearing from the wall of your house and connecting to a black box called a modem. Coaxi…Read More

  3. Fiber Optics VS Copper Wiring

    By now, it’s fairly obvious to everyone who has the slightest interest, that there a a myriad of applications for fiber optics that extend far beyond the pretty lights on your Christmas tree. Fiber optics and communication cabling capabilities now extend into virtually every industry on the planet. In fact, you could say that data voice cables and structured cables have revolutionized more facet…Read More

  4. Applications of Fiber Optics

    There aren’t many areas in this modern world of ours where the technology of fiber optics has not had a glaringly obvious effect. Fiber optic cabling has helped a variety of industries operate at both the local and global scales, enabling clear, quick and effective communication between businesses and individuals alike. Though people are most likely to connect fiber optics with the internet and …Read More

  5. Turn to the Professionals in Denver for Cabling Help

      Technology is accelerating at an amazing pace and just trying to keep up with it is a big challenge for companies big and small. Having cable installed that is flexible each and every time you need to expand your business is a vital part of growing smoothly and easily. The more a business grows there is a need to add more telephones, printers, computers, monitors so you need to make sure yo…Read More