Cable Your Business for the Latest in Multimedia Equipment
Information sharing plays a vital role in business communications both within your company between departments and employees and between your company and your customers. Our multimedia cabling configurations allow your business to communicate by voice, video, or data transfer.

Correct Equipment Installation Can Eliminate Down Time
Precision Fiber Optics will install equipment that is easy to manage and track so that if there is any breakdown in the system, the problem can be easily traced. We will install racks and enclosures, universal patch panels, cross connections, custom cables, cable tray and surface raceways, wall plates, furniture mounts and work area terminations. All equipment will be neatly bundled and labeled for easy access and testing. (Click here to see a gallery of our fine workmanship).

Comprehensive Testing and Full Documentation
Work productivity depends upon having workstations continuously working. Workstations that are off-line due to unstable or non-functioning networks may cost your company time, lost work, client satisfaction and professional reputation. We fully test equipment after installation to certify network function, continuity, no end-to-end loss and power availability. We also provide complete documentation of network design, mapping and as-built drawings to make moves, adds, and changes quick and easy.