At Precision FiberOptics, we utilize fiber optic cables, as well as copper cables, because there are many advantages to using them. When it comes to structured cabling in Denver, our goal is to help your business to become more successful and productive, which is why we use the most up-to-date tools and techniques. In our last blog, we discussed some of the many benefits to choosing fiber optic cables for your structured cabling in Denver, but we only had the time to go over a few. During this blog, however, we will go over more of the advantages of choosing fiber cables:

  • Security- Fiber optic cables, as opposed to copper cables, are actually incredibly difficult to tap. If someone does manage to tap into a your cables, you will know right away. That is because a fiber optic cable that has been tapped will leak light and cause the system to fail entirely.
  • Convenience- Rather than having equipment in messy wiring closets or scattered throughout your building, networks made with fiber optic cables allow you to keep all of your equipment, hardware and electronics in one super convenient location.
  • Immunity- Many environmental factors can affect copper wires, but you don’t have that problem with fiber optic cables. Copper wiring is very susceptible to fluctuations in temperature, and it can’t ever be submerged in water. But with fiber optic cables you have much more freedom. You can even run the cables next to industrial equipment without having to worry about it.

Want to learn about the other wonderful advantages to using fiber optic cables? Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.