Here at Precision FiberOptics, we help your business by installing network cabling infrastructure in Denver. One of our specialties is fiber optic cable design, termination, and testing. We help with complete installation of intra building backbone and riser fiber optics. While there are many operational benefits to fiber optic cabling today, misconceptions still run rampant about fiber optic installation and testing.

For example, there’s a lot of myths out there that claim fiber optic cabling is too expensive, difficult to pull, delicate, and susceptible to breakage. Plus, people seem to think that it’s nearly impossible to terminate in the field. We’re committed to fiber optics and today we’re going to debunk these common misconceptions!

  • It’s delicate: Actually, fiber optic cable is very durable – greater than steel, in fact!
  • While some people don’t realize this, fiber optic cable is also really low-profile and in fact each strand of fiber is smaller than a human hair!
  • Some people think that fiber optic cable can create dangers when it comes to lighting or power surges. In actuality, it’s nonconductive and totally immune to lightning, power surges, and ground faults.
  • With fiber optic cables, you also get unlimited bandwidth! Did you know that the longest transmission line to date is 9,000 miles? Did you know that a single fiber optic fiber can carry 3 million voice calls.
  • While many people don’t think that fiber optic cabling is secure, it actually is! Unlike copper which isn’t hack proof, fiber optic cables offer the highest level of security.