Are you looking to streamline your business to become more productive? Then you have come to the right place! We are Precision FiberOptics, and we have been providing professional data voice cabling solutions in Denver for over twenty years now. We use all of the latest and most innovative equipment when we complete any and every job, which is why we use both fiber optic and copper cables. Fiber optic cables are the way of the future and there are many reasons why:

  • Cost- Although fiber optic cables are initially more expensive than copper (because of the skill it takes to use them), over time fiber optic cables are a more cost effective choice. That is because they generally cost less to maintain and less networking hardware is required to use them. The other cost saving advantage is that when you use fiber optic cables, it eradicates the need to upgrade in the future.
  • Bandwidth- Many communication companies have starting switching their cables over to fiber because they have a much greater bandwidth. However, it is important to remember that fiber speed depends on which type of cable you use.
  • Speed and Distance- Fiber optic cables have the ability to carry more information over a much greater distance than copper wiring, without losing any integrity. Since fiber signals are made of light, data moves quicker over a much longer distance. Distances can range anywhere from approximately 980 feet to 25 miles.

These are just a couple of the many advantages of choosing fiber optic cabling over copper cabling. If you want to learn more, please stay tuned for our next blog.