Fiber optic cables are truly the future of structured cabling. This fast-growing cabling medium can be used in almost all applications and it is a clear choice over old-fashioned copper cabling. The following is a list of the top 4 reasons to choose fiber optic cabling over copper cabling.

  1. Cost -You may be surprised that choosing fiber optic cables over copper cables can actually save you money. Although you may have to pay more upfront, you will save money down the line on maintenance, decreased downtime and you won’t have to worry about having to re-cable in the future in order to increase performance.

  2. Bandwidth- Fiber optic cables have the ability to provide bandwidth at a much higher level than their copper counterparts. They are also able to carry a lot more information with increased fidelity.

  3. Design- Although fiber is a more thin, lightweight option, it is also a lot more durable than copper. Fiber can be handled a lot easier, and it allows you to save much needed space in your ducts.

  4. Decreased Signal Degradation- Fiber optic cables transfer information using light signals rather than electric signals. These light signals allow for clearer connections because the light signals don’t interfere with one another. This is one of the main reasons why fiber optic cabling is now a must-have for businesses in the telephone and cable TV industry.

These are just a few of the many reasons why fiber optic cables are the future of cabling. To read more about the advantages of fiber cables over copper, please check back next week to read our next blog.