If you want to make sure that you are in the best hands when it comes to your cabling network, then you have come to the right place. At Precision FiberOptics, we know that you want the best of the best, which is exactly what we have to offer. If you have been paying attention to our last couple of blogs, you already know that there are many wonderful advantages to choosing fiber optic cables for your network cabling structure in Denver. During this blog we will be going over the last couple of advantages to choosing fiber optic cables:

  • Reliability- Copper cables are prone to interference from radio frequencies, impedance issues, cross-talk and more. The glass that makes up the core of a fiber optic cable acts as an insulator, which means that absolutely no current of electricity can flow through.
  • Design- Fiber optic cables are much thinner, more lightweight and a lot stronger than copper cables. They are super small, so they take up much less space in your cabling ducts, not to mention fiber cables can be handled easily.
  • No More Spark Hazards- Spark hazards can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you work in an oil refinery or a chemical plant. Since there is no current carried with fiber optic cables, there is no risk of sparks being produced.

Now that you understand what the many advantages to fiber optic cables, it is time to contact us about your networking structure. We would be happy to upgrade your network to increase your company’s productivity. Visit our site today to learn more.