What is making your television run? We at Precision Fiber Optics, know that structured cabling in Denver is a lot more than just cables, but we are here today to explain a little bit about one cable, the coaxial cable. You have probably even seen this cable snake around from the dish to your television box or appearing from the wall of your house and connecting to a black box called a modem.
Coaxial cable is great for transporting a signal with little loss a large distance. The modem of an internet network is connected to the coaxial cable and the signal is provided from an outside source i.e. an internet or cable television provider. Cable television also uses coaxial cables because the signal transmission is quick, and, with little loss, the TV picture is better. Until fiber optic cable came about it was the best for these purposes and many providers still use coaxial cables today.
Another benefit of coaxial cable is the ability to run it against metal and not get any electromagnetic interference. It is designed as a two core wire with an inner wire that takes the signal and a dielectric jacket that covers the inner wire. The dielectric jacket contains the electromagnetic field generated by the coaxial cable. The jacket is then shielded by an outer metal layer which aids in blocking outside interference and the entire thing is coated in a non-conducting rubber. This is for electrical safety as well as it makes it easy to run outside because it doesn’t corrode in the elements.
Hopefully now you are more educated about the wonderful world of cables, our specialty here at Precision Fiber Optics.