It is easy to feel bogged down by all of the cable options that are on the market for your electronics. Ethernet is a fancy word for all the lines in home or offices that connect computer networks. If you look on the back of your desktop computer or on the side of your laptop, you notice a large square port with a slight thin addition. This is your Ethernet port and if your wireless internet connection isn’t working or you’re tired of waiting for your YouTube video to load, plug it in.

In terms of our business, Ethernet is like a service we offer. Ethernet cable is used as a blanket statement to mean internal network. The actual cable is rated Cat5e, Cat6, or fiber optic.
Which Ethernet cable should you choose from eEthernet cable installation Denver? The short answer is it is complicated. It depends on the situation Cat5e is slower than Cat6 which is slower than fiber optics. Inversely, fiber optics is the most expensive and Cat5e is the least expensive. We don’t want you to over over-engineer your products when sometimes it might be over-engineered with Cat5e.

Cat5e has a data transfer rate of 350 megabits per second. Cat6 has a rate of 1000 megabits per second or 1 gigabit per second. Fiber Optic is even faster with cables up to 100 gigabits per second. It is said that fiber optic could reach 700 gigabits per second by 2017. Now that is fast!
For any other Ethernet cable installation concerns or questions you have, we are always here to support you and your home.